Thursday, August 23, 2012

Eeew...nice, uh, just, well, wow.

I was driving home today and in front of me was, shocker, a pick up truck.  I'll admit, I don't have the soft spot gene for these gas guzzling hickmobiles.    People often ask me, "HOW can you not LOVE living in TEXAS?"

Answer: I live around a lot of visions like this.

In case you can't quite make it out, the sticker on the blown out window reads, "WHITE LIGHTNING...GET'er DONE"
And you gotta love the total Jed Clampett style hat. 
Darling I love you but give me Park Avenue.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Hey Chick-fil-A....

*Forgive me my personal opinion rant, but hey, it's my blog.*

Well done Chick-fil-A, my hat is off to you today.  You obviously have lots of supporters and will likely realize a high profit record day.  I just drove home and passed our local Chick-fil-A and now I can see just how many of my community went out in eerily giddy throngs to make their support of "Christian Morals and Values" known....and I cried all the way home.

I never thought I'd quote Alan Jackson, but "I know Jesus and I talk to God", so before you slam me as a nutty liberal who must be void of "Christian Values", please realize that I too call myself a "Christian". And hey, I'm a straight white girl in a loving "traditional marriage".  I just want to know what these patrons told their children when little Bubba asked his mommy, "Why are there so many cars here today?"  This is what makes me hurt.  I realize I will not change anyone's minds about how people feel about equal rights. That's ok.  But for the children, I hurt.

I have people in my own family who may have gone into grab their nuggets and waffle fries today too,  no doubt. However, some of  them are much older than I am, and I'll give it to them that this might seem too progressive, they're worried we are focusing on the wrong things.  Do I still love them? 100% with all my heart.  I just know that it takes evolution of the mind and heart for the world to change, and by CFA stating how they have chosen to spend their profits, well, I can't look the other way anymore.  I'm glad they said it publically.  Who knows how many of the businesses we frequent are donating to causes and oppression of equal rights to women, marriage equality, and all the other things that make us squabble so passionately against our brothers and sisters.  At least they identified themselves and for that, I thank them.  At least now I know, and I can make my choice not to ever give them a penny of our family's money.   I think the extreme opposition's idea of having a "kiss-in" protest against CFA today is equally a bad idea.  It just creates an even more hostile environment.  I have a friend in the neighborhood, sweet lady, who was worried sending her daughter to work her high school job at CFA today.  This also broke my heart.  Here's a kid, who, and I don't know her personal beliefs, nor should I, but here's a hard working high school gal, just trying to make some cash and get some work experience, and because of the public remarks, and subsequent plea to make Aug. 01 support your local CFA day by none other than Mike Huckabee (really?), she was fearful. 

Fear....what is it that CFA is afraid of?  Newsflash: You don't "catch gay".  How would it affect your life if your neighbors have been in a relationship longer than yours perhaps, and wanted to be seen as your equal?  It's about love people.  It's about progress.  It's none of your business.  It's only my business because I'm a Libra I guess.  Not a very good argument, I realize, however when things are so unfair, I hurt.  I fear.

I can't shake the image of all those cars lined up today. 
My tears are for you Danny, Mark,  Michael, Bill, Randy, Roy, Rus, Dar, Diane, Chris, Jerry, Aaron, Andy, Stephanie, Chris (and all of your beautiful children too),..I could be here all day typing names that don't mean anything to you, Mr. Cathy, but they mean something to me. 

**If you are gonna be in Texas, you might have to deal with things like the, a lot.