Thursday, November 15, 2012

Been awhile...I tried, but the irritation has flared again...

Texas is like living in a giant gift shop. For some reason they have to remind you that you live in case you forget.

God help the boys that don't love football or the girls that don't love dance. I'm not talking about artistic dance, I'm talking about Toddlers and Tiara's type dance for high schoolers. Living here during this past election season has been torture. Here's some advice...don't friend people on Facebook that live near you who are trying to be your new friend and me - you will only regret most of them. I call it Premature Friendulation....and it's a real problem peeps!

I was born in Houston. I still think Houston is pretty awesome. Being stuck in Austin is another story..I know a lot of us California's came here looking for the big house, low taxes and great schools. Guess what? Great schools aside, the big house and low taxes aren't worth the Stepford Wives you have to live around. That Vonage commercial where the creepy couple comes to the new neighbors door mumbling "but we all bundle" so spot on. Oh and bonus, they hate any of us coming from California coming to "screw up" their precious state.

No silver lining today....just too deep in it today.