Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm Such an A-hole

Can't help it...had to have it.

Wonder why no one likes me here....?

**On the plus side for those of you who think I may have gone too far with this one, I just want you to know that a portion of proceeds made from this sale went to Multiple Sclerosis research.  See? I'm not so bad after all.

Friday, February 8, 2013

Debating CA coming to TX...and How Tammy Wynette Saved the Day...

Well, well well...what do we have here?  As I was checking out the Facebook page of my favorite Austin radio station, KOKE FM, I saw something near and dear to my heart.  The post was asking for listener opinions about Californian's moving to Texas.  (A hot topic considering the Governor of Texas just appealed to California businesses to consider moving here for lower taxes, incentives, lower taxes, less government regulations, quality of life, and oh yeah, lower taxes.)  The comments on the posting created an all time high response for any KOKE FM posting.  Curious to see some of the results?  Here ya go:

  • Rocky says: As an original austinite I must say to the Californians... No, stay away, go away.

  • Trish says: Don't bring the culture you're so badly trying to leave. Though Austin was founded on a melting pot of cultures, you just need a pinch, not a whole cup

  • Jeff says:  They've already messed up one perfectly good state....

  • Alan says:  Not to be rude... but stay in California!

  • Jana says: I moved here in 1999, the honest way, I married an eighth generation texan. I hate it when calis come in pairs lol

  • Tara says: They have made Austin into California. I just about considered Austin not Texas anymore. I love my state but most views and attributes are not the same as the state as a whole

  • Troy says: I will say our police need to start ticketing them more. They have 30 days to change their license plates
    And I know they are not doing that!

  • Jr. says Hope they stay away.

  • Cathy says: Please stay in California. Why leave some place and bring the very ideas and attitudes you were trying to get away from. Our infrastructure cannot accomodate the number of people we have here. We are literally busting at the seams. Not enjoying my Austin these days.

  • JnJ says: The major interaction that us Texans have with the rest of the world now, is on the road. If you move here and want to increase your chances of being excepted.....STAY YOUR ASS OUT OF THE LEFT HAND LANE!!!!! And wave!! If we let you pull out in front of us, show some gratitude and respect...or pull over so we can teach you!!!

  • Anne-Marie says: Don't California my Texas...

  • Richard says: As long as they keep piling into Austin I am okay with it. It's when they get out into REAL Texas towns it becomes a problem. It's also hilarious how all Californians here in Austin think (and expect) the rest of Texas to be like Austin. If Austin is all you know about Texas, you're in for a big shock. The rest of Texas don't want you or like you, and unlike Austin, they'll gladly tell ya. Go find out for yourself...

  • Sally says: I moved here from Oregon in 2004 to get away from the insanity, traffic, and liberal to the max agendas. It was such a delight to have people wave and let you merge into traffic instead of the road rage, plus honking the horn, flipping you off, and swearing at you. I love TX and all that it stands for! When I listen to KOKE in the morning, and how Austin is going "bagless", wants more bike trails, loves the commuter train, needs to be the Greenest..OMG it is PORTLAND!!! California ruined Idaho, Montana, Oregon and Washington, don't think they won't try to ruin Texas

  • Randy says: If they come here they better behave!  (or what Randy, you'll shoot us?)

    ...and ok, my favorite one that kinda made me laugh: Trevor says:
    • Trevor says: bring the girls, leave the douchebags
    It was interesting to see the anger of it all. 

    I just don't understand this mentality of "don't bring your awful California ways" to our precious state. Really? Because last I checked I didn't bring any gangbangers, or crappy school ideas in my moving truck. Did I bring my aversion for hatred and homophobia and distrust of politicians who want to limit women's health options? Guilty. I brought my family and my AMERICAN MADE business with me, oh and my husband also brought his educated and experienced high tech mind so that your local industry can be competitive and benefit from the taxes that business is generating for your economy. Was California perfect? Not by a long shot...however, the way that some Texans portray themselves is just a torch short of a pitchforked village riot squad. It's embarrasing how Texas is portrayed to the rest of the country. Comments on this topic on this FB page only serve to prove my point.

    **Now, getting back to my promise to try and end these postings on a positive note...I did hear Tammy Wynette's Stand By Your Man this morning on my way back from the gym on KOKE FM. Tammy FREAKING Wynette.  I'll even give y'all a bonus bit of positivity today.  I can teach you how to sing like the great Tammy herself.  Ready?  Put a "h" sound before every single word you sing.  Try it.  I know you are so gonna try this, I can almost hear you now...."hstand hby hyour hman.." It'll be your new party trick.  You're welcome.