Saturday, September 21, 2013

Aww Man, How'd I Miss THIS?

Ok everyone, CALM DOWN. Yes, we are having an incredibly beautiful day in the 70's, (thank you baby Jesus), but lest we not forget how it usually is here in the 512.  I was looking for something to do tonight, and even though the show was so popular it was extended, it actually ended last week.  Here's hoping they bring it back, because it sounds bleeping hilarious.  Hey, maybe it will play well in December...because...well, Texas.

Photo credit:
The Institution Theater, Austin, TX


  1. I just wanted to stop by and thank you for this blog - I moved to Austin in June of 2012 from Ohio (after marrying a Texan) and have been having a lot of trouble coping with the "culture shock" of moving, and my disappointment with living here. It's refreshing to see someone sharing the same opinions I've been feeling, and struggling with. I learned pretty quickly you have to be careful here about expressing any even remotely anti-Austin sentiments. So, thank you so much, and keep writing! :)

  2. aww, thanks b. good to know people are reading and commiserating with me. there are more and more of us experiencing this "syndrome". looks like you have a blog too? i'll definitely go check it out. enjoy today's cold weather! let's dust off our cute coats and boots and pretend for a hot minute that we are "back home". Hang in there!